Fish Tales South Sudan - Photojournalism

Catch of the day, fishing to survive in South Sudan - Documentary Photojournalism.

By John Wilson - Australian Photojournalist

At Nyamliell (Nymlal,Nyamlell), South Sudan a local Dinka man casts his large hand made net from a narrow perch on a hand-carved wooden canoe.

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Sri Lanka Tsunami -  Unfolding Tragedy - Photojournalism

Sri Lanka Tsunami - Journey to Aragum Bay - Trials and tribulations of reporting from a disaster zone.

By John Wilson - Australian Photojournalist

The Asian Tsunami was one of the largest natural disasters in modern history which occurred on Boxing Day 2004. When I arrived in Sri Lanka, 48 hours after the disaster, I was the only Australian photojournalist in the disaster zone and I was shocked at the extent of environmental damage and human tragedy before me.

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Behind Bars - Port Moresby - Photojournalism

Boroko Jail, Papua New Guinea - Documentary Photography

By Australian Photojournalist John Wilson

I was photographing a story on law enforcement in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the southwest Pacific when I made the photo above. Incredibly, I managed to gain access to the notorious jail at Boroko, in the capital Port Moresby, for some photography to support the story

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