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We focus on making eye-catching food photography to help Sunshine Coast restaurants attract more clients and diners. A full range of photography and video services are available for Sunshine Coast business owners whether they are fine dining or boutique cafe eateries. No matter which cuisine your Sunshine Coast restaurant offers we have the specialist food photography skills to add quality images to menus, flyers and promotional material.

John Wilson Photographer has worked in 40 countries as a professional photographer and photographed many cuisines and food from a multitude of cultures. John has photographed every 

Photography Process for Restaurants and Cafes

We understand the immense power of images to attract new clients and we will collaborate closely with our clients in producing food photography to showcase. The food photography process can be done in the restaurant or cafe and we can help with food styling and design as directed by a chef or head cook. Designing, styling and lighting food photography is the key to creating the eye-catching images and we use a range of lighting techniques combined with specialized post-production and retouching to produce the final food image.

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Our work can also include a range of services to further complement the food photography we produce. Restaurants, cafes and dining venues can also engage our services to produce interior design and lifestyle dining photography with the aim of capturing the character and ambiance of venues. Telling the story of your restaurant with pictures can be an effective way to entice new customers and we believe venues should include some dining and lifestyle photography showing the venue in operation combined with quality photography of food on offer.

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Marketing and Promotions of Food Photography

We like to help our Sunshine Coast clients promote the food and restaurant photography we have produced for them. After we have completed our photography work we can also make a series of social media promotional posts to help get your business and food in front of more potential diners. Speak with John about this free service.