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Gympie Aerial Photographer - Professional Drone Photography

John Wilson is a leading aerial drone photographer in the Gympie region and is a qualified professional aerial photographer. John Wilson Photographer has been involved with aerial photography for more than 25 years nationally and internationally. We use the latest technology and techniques to produce the best drone photography for Gympie clients as well as drone videography and filming. Whether you have rural real estate or a commercial property our Gympie drone photography will showcase your property with eye catching aerial views. As professional drone operators in Gympie and surrounding districts our clients can have peace of mind they are hiring not only a drone operator but a fully qualified aerial photographer.

We also provide aerial photography in the Gympie region for civil construction and renewable energy projects, agribusiness operations, roof inspections of buildings and solar panels and commercial property. Our aerial video production can show animated property outlines, points of interest and information overlays for informative aerial video.


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Aerial Photography and Video Packages

Drone Photography Areas

We produce aerial drone photography and video throughout Gympie and surrounding districts including, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach, Mary Valley aerial photography, Widgee aerial photos, Curra Aerial photography, Glenwood Aerial photographer.

Who can use Drone Photography?

Property developers, real estate sellers, industry. tourism and agriculture businesses can use our Gympie drone photography and video services.

Insurance companies can use our drone photographer service for roof inspections and engineers can attain building and tower inspection using our high-resolution aerial cameras.

What types of Aerial Drone Photography and Video available?

Clients can choose to have aerial photography or video for their project or a combination of both.

A package of High-definition aerial drone photography can be produced and supplied in both high definition, printable format as well as low-definition or web resolution format suitable for web use and emailing.

Aerial drone photography can be taken at a variety of heights to show close up views of buildings or property and higher altitude views to show surrounding areas or "bids-eye" directly overhead views showing the site boundaries and layout.

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Aerial Drone photography with Birds-eye view

Aerial drone video can be filmed in ultra-high 4K resolution if required and or supplied in smaller full HD and smaller resolutions depending on the final use such as website videos or YouTube videos. Aerial drone videography is generally supplied in an industry-standard mpeg4 format which will play in most modern applications, but specific formats can be supplied on request.

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