Sri Lanka Tsunami -  Unfolding Tragedy - Photojournalism

Sri Lanka Tsunami - Journey to Aragum Bay - Trials and tribulations of reporting from a disaster zone.

By John Wilson - Australian Photojournalist

The Asian Tsunami was one of the largest natural disasters in modern history which occurred on Boxing Day 2004. When I arrived in Sri Lanka, 48 hours after the disaster, I was the only Australian photojournalist in the disaster zone and I was shocked at the extent of environmental damage and human tragedy before me.

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Mogadishu - Somalia - Photojournalism

Mogadishu - Gun Laws

Australian Photojournalist John Wilson

I was on assignment in Mogadishu, Somalia when I made this photo. It was an incredibly dangerous period not only for civilians but photojournalists in general just after the US troops had ended operations in the capital and lawlessness ruled the streets

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