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Esplanade, Hervey Bay, QLD, 4655. (By appointment only). TEL: 0419 716 107

Hervey Bay Film Makers

Welcome to our Hervey Bay videography company, specializing in commercial video production, special events coverage, and TV Broadcast video. Whether you need videos for TV infomercials, marketing, social media, or business events, our team is here to provide top-notch services. Our Video Production services are used by clients in commercial and retail businesses, real estate marketing, agriculture, Industrial and manufacturing business as well as builders and construction business. As local videographers with 30 years of professional experience is a bonus for clients requiring Hervey Bay Video Productions and we continue to work in TV Broadcasting for national TV and International TV productions.

Do you need some professional video production, film making or videographer in Hervey Bay or Maryborough? We have a range of commercial video services for property sales, business marketing as well as aerial video services and even produce 360 video production for industry and agriculture.

Unlock the Power of Hervey Bay Videography for Your Success

At John Wilson Videography, we understand the significance of captivating visual content in today's digital landscape. By choosing our Hervey Bay videography services, you gain access to a host of benefits that can help drive your business or organization towards unprecedented success.

1. Enhanced Engagement

Video is a dynamic medium that captures attention like no other. Engage your audience, hold their interest, and leave a lasting impression with our professionally produced videos. Whether you're showcasing your products, covering a special event, or creating promotional material, our videography services will keep your audience hooked.

2. Improved Visibility

Incorporating video into your marketing strategy can significantly boost your online visibility. Search engines favor video content, and with our optimization techniques, your videos will rise through the rankings. Experience increased exposure and reach a broader audience with our Hervey Bay video services.

3. Convey Your Message Effectively

Video has a unique ability to convey complex messages in a simple and engaging way. Whether you want to tell your brand story, explain a product, or share your business's mission, our videos will deliver your message clearly and effectively.

4. Showcase Your Expertise

Position yourself as an industry leader and expert in your field. Our videography services can highlight your knowledge and professionalism, instilling trust and confidence in your audience.

5. Connect with Your Audience on a Personal Level

Video allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. Share the human side of your business, interact with your customers, and build meaningful relationships. Our videos can help you establish a strong rapport with your target audience.

6. Versatile Content

Our range of video production options, from aerial videos to TV infomercials, ensures we can meet all your content needs. Our videos are adaptable for various platforms, including websites, social media, and television.

7. Time and Cost Efficiency

Our experienced team streamlines the video production process, saving you time and resources. We work efficiently without compromising on quality, delivering exceptional videos that meet your objectives.

8. Measure Your Success

Track the performance of your videos with our help. We provide insights and analytics that enable you to gauge the impact of your video content and make informed decisions for future projects.

Contact Us Today for Your Hervey Bay Videography Needs

Ready to harness the power of compelling video content for your business or organization? Contact John Wilson Photographer today, and let us create videos that not only convey your message but also drive the success you desire. Together, we'll make your vision a reality.

Hire videographers in Hervey Bay - Enhance Your Business with Our Professional Film Making

Leverage our extensive experience in Hervey Bay video production to benefit your business or organization. We are committed to delivering high-quality videos that capture the essence of your message. Partner with us to profit from our experience! to bring you the best Hervey Bay videography. Hiring videographers in Hervey Bay is easy and we discuss with you as much information as possible such as Scope, budget, design, style elements, timelines, etc which makes it easier to get a quote finalised and ultimately your project completed.

Why Choose Our Video Production Services?

Discover the best videographers in Hervey Bay. Connect with experienced professional Hervey Bay videographers for your events and projects. Whether you are looking for Corporate Event Videography, business videos, real estate videos or wedding videography in Hervey Bay,

At our Hervey Bay video production company, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experienced videographers have been serving the Hervey Bay and Maryborough region for over 30 years, and our expertise is evident in the quality of our work. We proudly cater to clients in various industries, including commercial and retail businesses, real estate marketing, agriculture, industrial and manufacturing sectors, builders, and construction companies, mining and renewable energy companies.

  • We are Experienced Professional Videographers and Visual Content Creators with 30 years experience as film makers.
  • Our experience enables us to work across all major industries with local, national and international clients.
  • Our business is fully insured and we maintain industry standard work place health and safety standards and have undergone various worksite inductions and hold a current general induction construction card (formerly White Card).
  • We provide best value to our clients and customize projects to suit budgets and timing.
  • WE LOVE OUR CLIENTS and we get a big kick out of knowing our collaboration is helping your business!!

Diverse Hervey Bay Video Options

Our Hervey Bay video services encompass a diverse array of offerings, ensuring we can meet any project's requirements. Choose from options such as:

  • Commercial HD video production
  • Professional Film Makers Hervey Bay
  • Social Media Marketing and Promotions Video
  • Aerial drone videography
  • Special Event videographer
  • Corporate Event Video Productions
  • Field day videographer
  • 360-degree videos
  • Project Milestone Video
  • Housing and Construction Video - Walk Through Videos
  • Interviews and Testimonial Video
  • Live TV Broadcast Video
  • Green Screen Video Service
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Property videography
  • Wedding Videos

Video presentations can be supplied ready for use on the internet for youtube, facebook and other online resources and we can produce bulk copies of videos if required. Please call to discuss your specific video requirements. Tel - 0419716107.

Meet Our Expert

John Wilson, our lead videographer, brings over 30 years of experience in the industry and has worked nationally and internationally across 40 countries and was a documentary photojpurnailst for the famous Time Magazine. If you are looking for a dedicated and professional videographer in Hervey Bay, you can rely on John to bring your vision to life. Get in touch with John at TEL: 0419 716 107 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Cameraman and photographer John Wilson

Professional Cameraman and Photojournalist John Wilson on assignment in Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Let our professional video production experience help your business or organization.

Profit From Our Experience!!

Get a Free Consultation To Discuss How We can Help!!

Contact Hervey Bay Videographers

Hervey Bay Video Services - Call 0419 716 107

For Commercial Video Production Contact John - TEL: 0419716107 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We use the latest audio and visual capture equipment, including multi-camera setups using Sony Professional and Broadcast camera eqipment, camera cranes and camera gimbals, sennhieser radio microphones as well as professional lighting equipment, scrims, flags and green screens  for a professional presentation of your video

Professional Video Cameras

Broad Distribution and Replication

Our video presentations are optimized for online platforms like YouTube and Facebook, making it easy for you to share your content with your audience. Should you require bulk copies of your videos, we are here to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us at Tel - 0419716107 to discuss your specific video requirements.

Video Services for Businesses in Hervey Bay

If you're planning to use video as a marketing tool for your business, we offer a variety of Hervey Bay videography services. We can customize a video production package to suit your specific needs. Don't hesitate to give John a call for expert advice on the video production process.

Sample Video Production Below

Hervey Bay Videography for Business Agribusiness, Livestock Industry, Mining and Energy industry videos.

Hervey Bay Videographer

Hervey Bay Videography for Business Agribusiness, Livestock Industry, Mining and Energy industry videos.

Hervey Bay Video Production

Hervey Bay Videography for Business Agribusiness, Livestock Industry, Mining and Energy industry videos.

Video Services Hervey Bay QLD

Hervey Bay Videography for Business Agribusiness, Livestock Industry, Mining and Energy industry videos.

Hervey Bay Videography
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TV Broadcast Video Services- Freelance Videographers in Hervey Bay

Our expertise extends to TV broadcast video services across Hervey Bay, Maryborough, and the Wide Bay region. We utilize industry-standard Sony production video cameras, high-quality sennhieser audio equipment, and professional lighting. Additionally, we employ Dejero Live equipment for seamless broadcasting and fast video transfer.

TV NEWS and LIVE BROADCAST VIDEO for Hervey Bay and Fraser Island K'gari region.

CALL JOHN or TEXT - TEL: 0419716107 


Sample Live TV broadcast for TEN network below.

Sample Video Production - News - Testimonial - Event

Sample Video Production
Testimonial Video
News Video

Event Video

Live broadcasting video production

Walk Through Property Video

Our walk-through property videos are an ideal choice for Hervey Bay house builders and commercial property sellers. These videos effectively market new homes and commercial properties. Contact John to discuss your video requirements at TEL: 0419 716 107 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sample Walk Through Videos Below - Click the play button on the image.


Hervey Bay Video Production Services.

Hervey Bay Walk Through Video

Aerial Video and filming Hervey Bay

Aerial videography and drone video services are also available and can be delivered in HD format if required. 

Hervey Bay Wedding Videos

We provide Wedding Ceremony Videography in Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Clients can chosse to have a single video camera or multi video camera covergage of their wedding ceremony. Wedding reception videography can also be booked by the hour.

Servicing a Wide Area - Hervey Bay Film Makers

In addition to Hervey Bay, our video production services extend to several areas, including Maryborough, Biggenden, Tin Can Bay, Rainbow Beach, Woodgate Beach, and Burrum Heads. We also use 4WD vehicles for off-road work in remote locations and rural properties.

How much does it cost to hire videographers in Hervey Bay?

Our Hervey Bay videography ranges in price depending on project scope, location, hours or days required etc. There are many elements that go into creating a quote. But, the best way to get a price for your project is to get in touch for a free consultation either by phone or we can come to your business for some in depth discussion. Call John for a free consultation. TEL: 0419 716 107.


Professional Photography

We also provide professional photography services for business and events in the Hervey Bay region. Please visit this page for more information: Photographers Hervey Bay

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