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Real Estate Photography Gympie, Virtual Tours and Aerial Photography

John Wilson Photography provides real estate photography services in the Gympie region  We offer a range of photography and video options for house, land, and commercial property photography. John Wilson Photography can offer a complete Gympie real estate photographer package that can include high-quality interior photography, aerial drone photography, twilight photography, Colour 3D look property floor plans, video walkthrough edited with titles and music and 360 degree virtual tour photography.


Quality Property Photography Will Sell Your Gympie Property

Did you know that almost 100% of potential home buyers search for properties online and they search on websites of and according to industry statistics? Understanding this statistic is key to getting your house sold and the only way your property will create interest online is through quality property photography not ordinary point and shoot photography which agents could get away with before the internet became the most important place to market your home. Another reason your property photography is so important is that statistics also show that a property listing online has 20 seconds to capture the attention of a potential buyer before they lose interest and look at other listings. Your 20 seconds needs to have the absolute best quality photos of your property in clear view to encourage a potential buyer to click through and look further at your property details. We can produce quality property photography that will help sell your property and some of our clients that have sold their properties privately have attributed our Gympie real estate photography to the sale of their property. This is a strong endorsement of our work but also of the power of photography to get a house sold in the online environment in which real estate is sold currently. The high-quality Gympie real estate photography we can provide is a small investment in selling your property at the best price.

Real Estate Photography 01.jpg

Gympie real estate photographer

Real Estate Photography 02.jpg

Gympie real estate photographers

Real Estate Photography 03.jpg

Real estate photographer Gympie

Real Estate Photography 04.jpg

Gympie aerial photographer

Real Estate Photography 09.jpg
Real Estate Photography 16.jpg
Real Estate Photography 07.jpg
Real Estate Photography 05.jpg
Real Estate Photography 06.jpg
Real Estate Photography 08.jpg
Real Estate Photography 10.jpg
Real Estate Photography 11.jpg
Real Estate Photography 13.jpg
Real Estate Photography 12.jpg
Real Estate Photography 14.jpg
Real Estate Photography 15.jpg

Bundaberg commercial real estate photographer

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Walk Through Video 

We produce effective walk through videos for house sales and new home builders in Gympie. Creating an engaging visual package for a real estate listing is key to engaing potential buyers into making an enquiry. Get in touch with John to discuss a Walk Through Video for your house sale in Gympie. TEL: 0419 716 107

Gympie Walk Through Video

Virtual Tours - 360 Property Photography

A quality virtual tour combined with excellent photography will give you listing the best exposure and create the most interest according to statistics. The benefit of the 360 Virtual tour over video is that the viewer can take as long as they wish to look through rooms in 360 degrees whereas the video must be replayed time and time again to study rooms and not in 360 degrees.

Sample 360 Virtual Tour below

Slide 1

Real Estate Floor Plans

We can produce Colour 3D Look Floor Plans to add interest to your property listing. A floor plan compliments the property photography by showing how each room is linked and relative room proportions


Gympie Real Estate03

A colour 3D look floor plan shows how your rooms a linked and your property layout.

Gympie Aerial Photography for Insurance and Roof Inspections

John Wilson Photography provides aerial drone photography for roof inspections in Gympie, Mary Valley and Rainbow Beach. Aerial roof inspections are a safe and cost-effective way to assess roof structures of residential and commercial buildings for insurance claims or damage assessment. Infrastructure inspections for water towers, communications towers or multi level structures can be carried out by our aerial drone equipment.

Aerial Drone Photography

John Wilson Photography uses aerial drone photography techniques to photography all types of residential and commercial property in Gympie and surrounding districts.

Gympie Real Estate01

Aerial Video Gympie

Aerial video production can be combined with aerial photography if requested. We use the latest aerial drone technology to produce high definition video of properties.

Twilight Photography and Twilight Conversions.

A twilight image of your house can create added impact to your Gympie house sale listing. We offer two services to create these images. Our clients can choose a Twilight house photo shoot where we photograph the house on dusk to capture the external view or altenatively we can create a twilight conversion on an external view of the house we have taken.

Sample Twilight Conversion Below:
Gympie house photography.jpg
Gympie twilight house photography.jpg

Gympie Region Property Photography

Clients can book our property photography services in Rainbow Beach, Woolooga, Kilkivan, Mary Valley and Kenilworth.

How Many Photos Should Be On A Real Estate Listing?

We often get asked how many house photos a seller should have on their Gympie property listing. Research shows the majority of real estate marketing websites found 25 photos is the ideal number for a listing. It is interesting to note that house listings with less than nine photos were 20x less likely to sell in 60 days compared with property listings wth around 25 photos. It was also noted that property listings with 28 or more photos sell slower so the key here is to make sure you have the very best photos on your listing with enough to get a potential buyer enquiry but don't flood your listing with photos.

A similar approach with video is a good idea. Wasting time in a video showing a light or books on a table or a plant is wasted time. The viewer wants to see the property and its rooms not personalzed aspects. You have little time in video to hold a buyers attention, make it count by showing what the buyer wants to see.


PRICING Gympie Real Estate Photography - prices are subject to change without notice.

House Seller Package 1

House Seller Package 1


  • Up to 25 photos
  • Professionally edited and retouched to commercial standard
  • 3 x Drone Aerial Photos
  • Need a Customized Package? Call John 0419 716 107
House Seller Package 2

House Seller Package 2


  • Up to 25 photos
  • Professionally edited and retouched to commercial standard
  • 3 x Drone Aerial Photos
  • Standard Floor Plan
  • Need a Customized Package? Call John 0419 716 107
House Seller Package 3

House Seller Package 3


  • Up To 25 Photos
  • Professionally edited and retouched to commercial standard
  • Colour Floor Plan
  • Up To 8 Drone Photos
  • Up to 1:30 Minute Video or 360 Virtual Tour
  • Aerial Video included in Video
  • Twilight conversion for exterior house view
  • Need a Customized Package? Call John 0419 716 107