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Walk Through Videos

Video Walkthrough sample for Real Estate Sales and Property Presentations.

Video walkthrough offers a moving presentation to display any space such as a home or commercial offices and sport and recreation facilities. A video walkthrough is a great way to help sell real estate and show potential buyers through a home without them having to physically visit the property. Whether you are a real estate agent or a private seller a video walkthrough will help with sales and help produce inquiries. We produce professional walkthrough videos for real estate and many other industries that can make use of showing areas and rooms to their clients. Just as with photography, the better quality video you can produce, the better engaged a potential buyer will be. Self-filmed videos look clumsy and amateurish. We can produce an engaging walkthrough of your property which is a cost-effective way to help sell a property or show a property or complex to users and clients. 

Video Walkthrough Price From $495 (2-4 bed house) Gympie to Bundaberg (Call John for commercial property walkthrough)

A standard video walkthrough in high definition quality can be produced from $499, conditions apply. Call John for more details TEL: 0419716107 or use the email below.

There are some additional features that can be added to a property walkthrough video such as text overlays to describe room and property features as the video plays. We can also professionally record a voice overlay. Talk to John about your specific requirements for your property walkthrough video.

We produce Sunshine Coast Walkthrough Videos, Gympie Walkthrough Videos, Hervey Bay Walkthrough Videos and Bundaberg Walkthrough Videos, as well as Gladstone walkthrough videos. Call John to book a shoot for your property

The videos produced are in High Definition and can be uploaded to youtube.

Please Note: The Video Walkthrough alternative is a Property Virtual Tour and we believe Virtual Tours are superior to Video Walkthrough as it provides the viewer with a much better viewing experience. Virtual Tours allow the viewer to view rooms and spaces in the property in 360 degrees and in their own time for as long as they like, unlike video which needs to be replayed when finished. The Virtual tour is "always-on" 24/7 for the viewer. Read about Virtual Tours for property sales HERE

FOR MORE INFORMATION AND PRICING CALL JOHN - 0419716107  Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Play sample video below

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