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Why is it so profitable to sell Hervey Bay Real Estate privately?

Record numbers of homeowners are selling their properties houses for private sale Hervey Bay Urangan, Craignish and houses and acreage for sale in Maryborough Qld. The reason is simple math and an understanding of the way potential buyers look for property in Hervey Bay or Maryborough for that matter. The math is simple enough. If an agent is charging you a commission which can be anything from 2.7% to 3.4% or equivalent to 10k-20k and you take this out of the equation you will be selling your property for the best profit. Agents will counter this by saying they know the market better or they have better-negotiating skills or they offer sweeteners such as they will do the photography or video and advertising in property guides. The private seller has the power to do all this and more and save a bundle in the process.

Should I sell my house in Hervey Bay privately or via an agent? 

The choice is the sellers to make and remember that there is no law or rule that requires the use of an agent to sell your property. This can be verified by a phone call to the office of Fair Trading. It is absolutely legal to sell your house privately and an agent is not required for any signing in relation to the contract of sale you have drawn up by a solicitor.

An agent will probably spend a few hours, maybe a little more, at best listing your house online putting up a sign and making a few phone calls to gouge 10k-20k out of your house sale. That works out at an hourly rate more than that paid a brain surgeon that has trained and studied for years - an agent gets a license for $500 after answering a few questions - limited skill involved!! Forget about an agent and focus on maximizing your return from your house sale. You can sell your property easily yourself and the properties below are case studies from our many clients, from a variety of age groups, that have sold their properties privately and we can say unreservedly that every home we have photographed for private sale has sold. That’s a pretty good endorsement to the success of selling your home privately in Hervey Bay.

What Suburbs in Hervey Bay are homeowners selling privately?

As of 2018 we have clients who have, are or planning to sell privately in the following suburbs: Eli Waters real estate, Dundowran Beach real estate, Craignish real estate, Toogoom real estate, Pialba real estate, Scarness real estate, Urangan real estate, Kawungan real estate, River heads real estate and Point Vernon real estate.


Benefit of Buying House for Sale Privately Hervey Bay

Buying real estate Hervey Bay and residential property in Hervey Bay and Maryborough can be much more transparent when purchasing from a private seller and we have the case studies from our clients to prove this. Time and time again we speak with clients who we have helped market their properties privately and they tell us how much the buyer enjoyed the process and the buyers that purchase through a private sale tell us it was "so good to deal directly with the owners". The legalities are still the same and there must still be a contract of sale written up by a solicitor but a middleman agent is not required.

Understand How Buyers Look For Property

Statistics show that more than 90% of potential property buyers of Hervey Bay real estate, Maryborough or anywhere else will search online first. This is the fact that has changed the way real estate is bought and sold. Property buyers don’t go to a real estate agent first, buyers don’t even look in an agents windows anymore as every property that is for sale in a particular area will be online on www.realestate.com.au  or www.domain.com.au or www.property.com.au . The real estate agents own websites are of little value as well because the major property portals above dominate the search engines buyers use to search for property sales. You can prove this yourself by googling “houses for sale in Dundowran Beach” or where ever you wish to look and see what the search results look like. The search result below shows the first 5 results of the google search and this is what buyers click on when they search and google statistics show that little if no sites are clicked below these results which is where any agent website would display if at all.

Google Searches For Hervey Bay Real Estate and Property

The Google search result below for the term "houses for sale in Dundowran Beach" is an example of the top results and websites which is where your property will need to be listed which can be done via any one of a number of "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO)websites listed below. It is possible for a private seller to list their property on each of the main real estate portals but this can be a little time consuming whereas the FSBO sites list your property on several sites at once. Sellers definitely do not need a real estate agent to list their property.

House for sale Hervey Bay real estate

Agent Hype

As for better-negotiating skills, this is just opinion and not a qualification and in fact, to become a real estate agent requires nothing more than answering a few questions and paying a $500 fee. That is it. There is no test for negotiating skills or market knowledge. A private seller can do EVERYTHING an agent will do to sell a property and it is an easy process.

Cheap Sweeteners To Hook A Seller In

As for the sweeteners, some agents will offer to get the photography and print marketing done or offer so-called rewards. This is no big deal and certainly not worth handing over 10k-20k for. Even if you were supposedly getting a $1000 "reward", the agent will still be ripping $10-20k out of your sale for very little work, a couple of hours at the most. It's simply a hook to guarantee a big fat commission from your house sale. Reward yourself and not an agent, sell privately for the best profit.

Selling Your Hervey Bay Home Privately is Extremely Easy

We have put together a simple 5 point plan for selling your real estate in Hervey Bay privately or Maryborough real estate. This will help you get listed and sold with a minimum of fuss and cost whether you have a house for sale in Urangan, Scarness, Pialba, Dundowran Beach, River Heads, Torbalea and Maryborough.

5 Point Process to Sell Your Home Privately in Hervey Bay

# Does your property need any maintenance or repairs and have these completed

#Figure out a price by doing some research on your area online. Googling “houses for sale (in your location)” is one way and then visit the websites of Domain or Real estate you will be able to see the houses that are for sale and even some market and location data for various size houses. You can also google the actual address of a property similar to yours in your location even if it's not for sale and Domain or Real Estate will generally give you sale records for the property to give you an idea of pricing.

#Select some good house photos. Your house photos are THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF LISTING YOUR PROPERTY ONLINE. Private sellers need to realize that their house photos will be THE FIRST POINT OF CONTACT by a potential buyer and the cost to have some professional photography is a small cost and the benefit is huge. The statistics show that professional property photography greatly increases the online interest in a home and helps to achieve higher prices. Photographing your home yourself is possible but just beware your listing your home in a competitive environment and first impressions are lasting so give your house the best chance to be seen by the right people with quality photography. We can provide the best quality real estate photography in Hervey Bay so please get in touch with John to discuss your needs. Call John at 0419716107 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

# Sort out your Contract of Sale. This is easy to do and will be a standard form your solicitor will produce for around $900 and must be prepared whether you sell privately or via an agent. Some agents misleadingly tell sellers that they are required to fill out some of this form but this is definitely not the case and your solicitor will handle this for you.

# Decide which private seller business you will sign up with to get you home listed on the major property portals. Here is a list of sites our clients have used to successfully sell their home privately in Hervey Bay. Please note we have had bad reports from house sellers that used a company called Property Now but the companies below would be a better choice.


What about a For Sale sign for the front of your house? Some of the private seller sites offer signs for sale as part of a package but we have found most of our clients don’t even do this and a few have had a sign made up themselves or borrowed a sign from a previous seller. 

FREE EBook - Sellers Guide To Selling Property Privately

You can get a copy of our FREE 23 Page EBook with the information you need to help sell your home privately. There is no charge and we have produced this in response to the record numbers of people calling us to discuss selling privately. Please use the form below to get your free copy emailed directly to you.

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