Destination Wedding Photographer pricing and packages


Thanks for coming this far in considering me for your wedding photography. I hope you think my wedding photography style and reputation as one of the Asia and South Pacific's most experienced photographers fits with what you would like for your wedding day.

The Number 1 Decision

No doubt you've been searching websites, getting some ideas. Have you been a little confused with the process of booking a destination wedding photographer? It's really no different to booking a professional photographer back home. Find some work that captures your attention and then reach out as I'll hope you'll do to me. Think about how much of your destination wedding you would like covered. Some couples ask me to photograph pre wedding events and parties and occasionally a post wedding shoot so anything is possible all you need to do is ask.

Let Me Make It Easy For You

Straight off the bat, I would like to offer you full wedding day coverage of your special day. That's right, complete coverage!, and you won't have to worry about what will be missed and years down the track regret you didn't get photos of aspects of your day. So, you can relax straight away and focus on working with me to give you the style of photography you'll cherish forever. You can have a wedding package with full wedding coverage and some great inclusions such as custom designed wedding albums up to 50 pages, beautifully edited digital files, amazing art pieces for your walls and more or decide to have just your full day covered with minimal inclusions.

What To Watch Out For - A Word Of Warning

We are aware of what we call shotgun photographers that call themselves destination wedding photographers but dont have the photos to show for it. When looking for a professional destination wedding photographer ensure you ask to see their destination work. Destination wedding photography requires great planning and work and couples can be very disappointed when they find the photographer they have hired does not have the experience or local knowledge required for destination wedding photography.

My Wedding Photography is about You not Me!

I hope you are here because you already feel a connection with my work and I hope you can imagine the incredible photography I can create with you at your wedding.

If you love my my work, we are over the first hurdle and on the home run!

Now, all we need to do is work on a wedding package you will love!

How much will our wedding photography cost - are there any hidden costs?

The cost of your wedding package will depend on where your wedding will be and what you want in your package. The pricing I give you will be the TOTAL cost and there will be no additional charges unless you wanted to upgrade your album or make additions after I have sent you my wedding agreement form.

Leave me some details and tell me as much as you wish. I'm as interested in you wedding day as you are, so the more I know about you and your plans the better I can meet your expectations!

Destination Weddings. Lets Connect !

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Where I Work

I've worked in more than 30 countries so whether you are being married Asia or the South Pacific I can offer you the experience, creativity and quality you deserve. From my base is in northern Australia I work with couples from many countries, some of which are Canada, UK, USA, Singapore, UAE, Italy, India, New Zealand, Australia and China.

Here are the pages of our most popular destination wedding locations we work in:

Bali Wedding Photography

Vanuatu Wedding Photography

Fiji Wedding Photography

Coming in a close second behind the locations above is Thailand and Sri Lanka. We can provide you with some good advice for these locations and your wedding plans.



Custom designed wedding books for destination weddings

Wedding Books

Just a quick note about my wedding albums. I don't produce "fast food" albums and by this I'm referring to albums that are produced in a day or two after your wedding that some resort photographers offer. Your wedding album deserves greater attention and quality and longevity. My albums are custom designed for each couple and are among the finest available. We will work together to have the photos you want and the design you love for your wedding album. They are professionally bound and printed and guaranteed to be of the highest standard.

For the best price for your destination wedding photography its best to book me early in your planning process.