What is full wedding photography coverage?

Having your entire wedding day covered enables a skilled photographer to capture your wedding story not just make a few pretty pictures that look like all the others.

What is involved with full wedding photography coverage? Is it worth it?

Let me answer the second question first. The value you place on your wedding photos is a very personal choice. It not only has to do with the cost but how you feel about the importance of your day. I've had couples spend more mony with me for their wedding photography than the rest of their wedding  simply because they cherished the memories that will endure for a lifetime and beyond with their wedding photos. 

It really is something to think about and I thought about it a lot earlier in the year when my dear mother passed away suddenly. When I was preparing my mothers eulogy for her funeral it was my parents wedding photos that strongly resonated in recounting my mothers life.

When couples come to me and ask about Hervey Bay wedding photography or wedding photography in Queensland I explain to them that I'd rather capture their wedding story for them rather than a few short hours. I often spend 10-12 hours and often more with wedding photography!! I'm sometimes asked if I could include just the first hour or two of a wedding reception and I really think your wedding reception deserves a better effort than this. A full night of formalities, fun and dancing deserves to be captured and this can't be done effectively in an hour or two.