Rustic charm in a Queensland cornfield - Landscape photographer John Wilson

Rustic charm in a Queensland cornfield - Landscape photographer John Wilson

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Sometimes beautiful landscape photography can be made out of not so photogenic subjects. This was the case with my latest landscape image.

I had noticed the old farm house while on the way to a photo shoot from my home at Hervey Bay and promised myself to return and make some photos. The delapadated old house in outback Queensland Australia had been abandoned when its elderly owners had passed on and now stood in the middle of a corn fields quietly succumbing to the rigors of time. I love this scene because the house is such a beautiful juxtiposition with the surrounding cornfileds. On its own the old farm house is just an old run down ruin and would be an eyesore anywhere else but in this scene it captures a certain beauty. I managed to make some more landscape photographs of the old house before it finally collapsed. I'm glad I made the effort and the print is proudly hanging in several of my clients homes and offices. The largest print I've done of this image so far has been a 36x24 inch print which was done in with the beautiful acrylic medium where a piece of high grade acrylic sheet is layered on top of the archival quality print with metal corner posts attached for hanging. This style of landscape print looks absolutely fabulous and can make a drab wall come alive.

Rustic Charm Landscape wall print  Rustic Charm Landscape wall print decor idea

If you would like a copy of this beautiful image I can supply you with a Fine Art print, museum quality canvas wall print ready to hang or a premium quality acrylic wall print ready to hang.

If you would like some pricing on Canvas and Acrylic prints please drop me an email. I ship my unframed prints world wide and all other prints Australia wide. Contact me HERE


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