Granville Home sold online via private sale and listed for under $500!!

Granville Home sold online via private sale and listed for under $500!!

Selling real estate in Maryborough can be done easily and cheaply without an agent commission.

The owner of this older home in Maryborough region QLD couldn't see the value in handing over a massive amount of money to a Maryborough real estate agent just to list her house online, put up a sign and take a few calls. John Wilson Photography photographed the home for the owner and provided quality photography to help get the property noticed online. We also provided some free online marketing which we do for all our customers selling online via private sale in Maryborough and Hervey Bay. 

We made some suggestion to the owner, Jenny, regarding listing her property online and she decided to list the property with AGENT IN A BOX which enables a home seller to sell online and list a property on all the major property websites for a one-off fee. Agent in a box offers a choice of 3 packages with which to sell your house online. The packages start at $399 and the top package is $699. Jenny went with the $499 package had her property listed on the major property websites which eventually led to the sale. No agent commission was involved. Jenny spent under $1500 to get her property sold saving around $10k by not using a Maryborough real estate agent that would have spent around 1.5 hours at the most of low skilled work to sell the house. That is a huge saving!!

We have a free EBook to help property learn how to sell and how much it costs to sell a house online via private sale. You can a copy of our FREE EBOOK HERE. 

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