5 Steps To Sell Your House Privately

5 Steps To Sell Your House Privately

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Home Listed and Sold Privately

Homeowners wishing to sell their homes in Qld don't need to use a real estate agent to sell their home and it is not required by law. This can be confirmed by a phone call to Fair Trading. In fact, there are record numbers of homeowners selling property privately. We work with many homeowners selling property in Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Gympie, Sunshine Coast and in regional Queensland that has decided to sell and successfully sold houses privately. 

What are the benefits of selling a house privately in Qld?

The big benefit of selling a house privately is the huge cost savings. In some regions of QLD and particularly in areas such as the Wide Bay, agents are charging some of the highest agent commissions in the country. Sellers are forking out anywhere from 10-20k just in commission fees and then another 2-5k in so-called marketing costs. All this for very little work and work which can be done by the homeowner themselves. Another benefit of selling a property privately in QLD is that you are dealing directly with the buyer and can answer their questions directly with full knowledge of your property. An agent will probably have several properties on the books and sellers won't know if the agent has their property on their list of priorities regardless of what they tell a seller at sign up.

Beware of the scare campaigns about selling privately

There are no laws requiring a house owner to use a real estate agent to sell their property and the real estate agent is simply offering a service to list a property for sale. Sellers wishing to sell privately will come across all sorts of information aimed at scaring them off a private sale. This information is generally put out by agents or from websites that benefit directly from real estate agents business. They list reasons such as "private sellers won't understand the complex legislation that goes with selling a house" and "complex paperwork and documentation" and price appraisal is difficult. This is all baloney and a smokescreen to limit private property sales. As for the complex legislation and paperwork etc, this is all handled by a solicitor whether you sell through an agent or privately. A property sale will require a Contract of Sale which is easily obtained from a solicitor for approximately $900. As for price appraisal being difficult, this is also hogwash as the private seller can access all the property reports an agent' uses and by doing their own market appraisal online and by looking around their local area private sellers can make up their own minds on a sale price. An agent will most likely want to give a seller a higher evaluation in order to get a listing knowing they can swing the seller lower when a property isn't selling at a given price and they'll still be collecting a hefty commission. The private seller can adjust pricing and negotiate without an agent's input.

Property research


The steps below are a common sense process to get your property listed and sold privately with a minimum of fuss.


Assess your property for any repairs or general improvement that need to be done and get these completed


Estimate your selling price - do some research from the comfort of your home by looking through the main real estate websites of www.realestate.com.au and www.domian.com.au for properties in your area. Do some driving around your area to see how people are preparing their properties for the prices being asked. The price you decide on is not the be all and end all. If you find you are a little high you can always adjust your pricing easily, its all part of the process of selling.


Get some good photos of your property. This is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP in getting your property listing noticed and statistics prove absolutely that houses with professional quality photography sell for more. Your house photos are THE FIRST POINT OF CONTACT a potential buyer will have with your property and statistics show you have about 20 seconds when a buyer looks at a listing to convince them to look further and make an inquiry. You can do your own photos but the cost to get a professional in is a minimal expense in the scheme of things to ensure your property will look its best. The professional real estate photographer will have the lighting and editing skills to ensure a high standard of images are produced to gain maximum attraction from your listing. Don't skimp on this.


Talk to your solicitor to arrange a Contract of Sale. This is something that is prepared for any property sale and is required by law whether or not an agent is involved. Solicitors will have a pricing range for this service and currently, we have seen pricing of around $900 but your solicitor will guide you through what you need for your sale. An agent is not required for this.


Decide how you will list your property. It is possible to go and list your property on the major real estate websites listed above and there will be different prices for the various listings on each website. The most popular process is to use one of the several websites set up to help private sellers list on all the main property websites for a one-off fee. The list below shows the websites our clients have used to list and successfully sell their properties. If you don't want to get a For sale sign made up yourself, some of these sites provide a service for this also.

For Sale By Owner Websites

Did you know that almost 100% of potential buyers look online first when looking for a property to buy? The largest property websites attract the bulk of all homebuyers and not individual real estate agent websites. You can see this for yourself by googling houses for sale in your area and see what comes up in the search. The websites of realestate.com.au and domain.com.au are the main property websites your house will need to be listed on and the For Sale by Owner websites listed below offer one-off fees to get listed on these and other websites that can help with your sale. They are also the websites our client have used to list and successfully sell their properties privately.