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Bundaberg Photographer offering comprehensive commercial real estate photography services. We would also like to help residential sellers and agents sell property with our real estate photography Bundaberg services and real estate photographer services in Bargara, Moore Park or Woodgate. With about 90% of potential buyers searching online FIRST when looking for residential properties or commercial real estate, sellers have to make a great first impression with their listing. Sellers rarely get a second chance and we love the saying "you only get one chance to make a good first impression". Real estate sales in Bundaberg and the region will always fair better when professional property photography is engaged to help sell rather than simple snapshots from agents phones or amateurish quality photos.

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Commercial Photography in Bundaberg Specialist

Did you know we are the longest serving commercial real estate photographers in the Bundaberg region? As Bundaberg's premium commercial real estate photographers we have been involved with the sale of more than $60 million worth of commercial property sales. Clients choose us for our quality work and variety of services. We also offer extensive real estate aerial photographer services using our light plane or aerial drone photography Bundaberg where appropriate.

Pofessional interior photography by John Wilson Media 

commercial real estate photographer Bundaberg

Commercial real estate photography Bundaberg qld

Real Estate Photography Philosophy

Our property marketing services are detailed below but we understand sellers are in a very competitive environment when selling property in Bundaberg. With 90% or more of potential buyers searching online first it is imperative property listings have good quality photography. With our Bundaberg House Photography, we will do our very best to make your property look its best and help sell your property faster and for the best price. We will always go the extra mile to produce the best quality photography of your property. We are not just saying this because we are professional real estate photographers but because statistics offer overwhelming support for the use of good quality professional photography. Surveys have shown listings with good quality photography not only generate more interest and investigation from potential buyers but also bring in higher sale prices. We offer a complete range of services to help sell homes and commercial property in Bundaberg and even offer virtual staging to fill empty rooms with furnishings to generate greater buyer inetrest.

Choose Where To List Wisely - Advice from a pro

Before booking our photography services from the information below we would like to offer some advice to sellers about listings based on our many years of working in the industry. While all the agents we work with are enthusiastic, there are definitely agents to steer clear of. It is difficult for first home buyers in Bundaberg to decipher a good agent from the not so good but we have found a few ways that can help you decide. We will have a full article posted about this soon but we can give you one of the tips here which will help you focus in on good agents. We believe one of the key signals an agent will be good to work with is in the way they display their properties online. Remember the statistic of 90% of potential buyers searching online first and you can understand the relevance of an agent having a quality website displaying properties well. When we recently researched agents websites we were appalled at the poor quality of listings. We have included a photo below from our research which shows the difference between a good quality listing to help sell a property and a poor quality listing which can harm a sale. We will have a series of these photos listed in our upcoming article on the subject of listing your property online.

Remember - You only have one chance to make a good first impression with your listing and this is your agent's responsibility

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Good professional real estate photography is an investment in a sale, not a cost and the statistics back this up.


Statistics of Professional Real Estate Photography

In one study, property listings were compared that had professional photography in one agent listing and basic point and shoot photos in another listing by a different agent. Both agents were based in the same postcode.

Houses that were in the $400,000 to 500,000 price bracket and listed with professional photography sold for on average for $11,000 more than properties displaying poor photography. The study found similar improvements in prices achieved in all the price ranges, even the low end.

One of the most striking statistics was in the clearance rates of properties. The statistics showed that a seller has almost a 2 in 3 chance to sell their property at a given price when professional photography has been used compared to slightly better than 33% chance of selling with poor quality photos.

Our Real Estate Photography Bundaberg Services

Real Estate Photography Bundaberg and districts from $130. Our clients usually make a selection of our services which can combine photography and video or include a floor plan graphic or aerial photography and video. Clients can choose from the following services for their Bundaberg real estate listing or commercial property sale in Bundaberg:

Interior and Exterior Photography

Virtual staging for empty properties

Dusk and Twilight photography

Real Estate Video walkthrough presentation.

Aerial photography and video with drone or plane 

Property floor plan and site plan graphics for residential and commercial real estate photography in Bundaberg

Real Estate Photography

Chief photographer John Wilson has had more than 25 years experience as a professional photographer, nationally and internationally. He photographs real estate for a variety of clients here in Bundaberg and throughout southern Queensland and even an interstate.

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Real Estate Floor Plans 

Did you know that 97% of people surveyed said they would explore a property listing with a floor plan before one without? Clients can book these with a photography package and when we visit we will laser measure your house and produce an informative floor plan that can even have a great 3D effect. The cost of property floor plans is very reasonable and based on the size of your property. We can even produce a site plan to show the entire property. Contact John for more details.

Bundaberg real estate floor plan03

Aerial Drone Photography Bundaberg or light plane.

Some properties will benefit greatly from an elevated view. We offer aerial drone photography and are the only professional photographer in the region with a light plane for specific aerial photography around Bundaberg region. Speak to John about which type of photography is possible for your property

Bundaberg real estate photography aerial