Danger of Digital Wedding Photos - Every Bride Should Read This

The Dangers with Digital Wedding Photos.

Your digital wedding photography on DVD or flash drive may sound great but at what risk?


Ive been a professional photographer for 30 years and seen many changes in technology. Some of my former Brides have come back to me in the past year asking for new copies of their digital wedding photos due to them damaging their CDs or memory stick. Luckily for them I have kept the files and they were able to purchase them from me but they weren't cheap. Many photographers don't keep digital files or only keep them for a few years or just keep a selected few and it prompted me to write this article. Please think of the immense family value of your wedding photos and don't think storing them on a CD or memory stick will secure them into the future. Hope this articles helps Brides!

Why have a Wedding Album when you can have a DVD of images?

Good question, and here is something important to consider. I know many of my professional colleagues will share my thoughts on this, amateur’s and fly by nighters out for a quick buck won’t.

It doesn't matter whether you have your wedding photography in Australia or destination wedding, NO ONE can guarantee digital files will be readable into the future as technology changes. Image file formats will change and the hardware used to read and store them will change but the way you and your family view your wedding photos and or album won't. Maybe you remember or have heard about floppy disks and vhs video tapes, once the normal way to store digital files, now virtually unreadable as the hardware used to read these has been discontinued. There is already talk about new file formats for storing images that will only be readable on newly developed hardware. What does this mean? It means that even if you have been given your wedding photography on an archival DVD and you have several copies, chances are you won't be able to retrieve your photos from them in the future as the new hardware and technology will be unable to read them. On the other hand your Wedding Album and photos will be viewable to you and your family members into the future for generations if cared for.

"But I will just upgrade my hardware and wedding photo files as technology changes", maybe you will or can, maybe you won't. Do you really want this type of hassle with something so important to your family as your wedding photos? What if you forget or leave it too late? Statistics show most people will never get their digital photos printed. You have hired a wedding photographer and gone to the trouble to ensure you have a photographic record of this momentous occasion in yours and your family history and it would be tragic to lose your images due to technology change and redundancy, wouldn't it?. I can't stress how important this consideration is to you. A professionally produced Wedding Album by me and or wall prints and photographs are guaranteed by me to last if cared for appropriately and won't need upgrades and all good  professional wedding photographers will offer similar assurances!

One other issue with having your wedding photos as digital files is the quality of the printing if you ever have them printed. It is impossible for every brand of printer to print a digital file exactly the same. The other issue is the quality of the printer and most importantly the quality of the inks. A printing industry insider confided in me recently that all their replacement ink they supply to customers as refills is dye based and not the archival quality consumers are led to believe. What does this mean? Its means your photos won't last long before they deteriorate (6 months in some cases). You just don't know what you are getting when you have your photos printed and you can spend a lot of money for disappointment. An established photographer will print your photos beautifully to look as they should with the quality they deserve.

In my photography business, John Wilson Photography, I can definitely supply brides and grooms with a digital copy of their wedding photos. I have a package that has the digital photos included and you have the option to purchase these with other packages. All my current wedding photography packages have wedding albums included and if you purchase or upgrade to a Fine Art wedding album you receive your digital files at no extra charge. Please contact me to discuss your wedding photography needs. I offer my unique wedding photography and quality products to brides in Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg and Sunshine Coast regions Queensland and destination weddings in Asia and the South Pacific. Are you having a destination wedding? Considering getting married overseas? Makes good sense to hire a wedding photographer such as me that has worked and traveled extensively and understands exactly what you would like with your destination wedding photography. 

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