Choosing a Wedding Photographer

What to look for when choosing a wedding photographer

Planning for your big day can take a lot of time and effort. There are wedding venues to look at, table settings to decide on, celebrant or church for your ceremony, your guest list and how many guests, choose your wedding dress and your bridesmaids dresses, the guys wardrobe, wedding bouquets, invitations, reception menu, reception music, ceremony music, food for your wedding preparation and the list goes on. You also have to choose a wedding photographer.

It does seem a little daunting when it's all listed but this is exactly what a couple should be doing for their wedding preparation. One aspect you should also be spending some time on is choosing a wedding photographer. If you are into good photography and value it you should be looking for the best experience you can afford. Some Maleny wedding photographer packages will offer entire day coverage but on some checking, you may find full day coverage may only be a certain number of hours. You need to check to see if you also get your wedding reception covered with these packages if you are intending to have some extra activities such as the tossing of the bouquet, garter toss and dancing fun.

To have an entire wedding day captured by your photographer would generally be from 10 – 12 hours of work and sometimes more. This would involve your wedding prep of both the guys and girls, your wedding ceremony, family photos, formal location photos, reception entry, reception speeches, cutting of the cake, your first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, dance floor fun, leaving the reception.

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Candid wedding reception moments captured during full wedding coverage

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Tossing of the Bouquet is a fun part of the wedding reception

Any coverage less than this is part day coverage. Some couples opt for basic coverage of a few hours and this can be used to have your ceremony, family photos, and formal location photos. This will provide some lovely coverage if you have a smaller budget.

The price a photographer will offer will generally be determined by the coverage time, the package inclusions and the experience of the photographer. Experience really is the key to having the best wedding photography. Try to remember that all the bells and whistles will make little sense if the quality of the work produced is of poor quality. Some photographers use the marketing ploy of offering multiple photographers to woo clients. This is fine provided all the photographers are well trained and experienced otherwise it is of absolutely no benefit whatsoever. I seasoned professional will do a far better job, one out, than a bevy of part-time enthusiasts making a few extra bucks on the weekend.

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