Sri Lanka Tsunami 2004 revisited part 3

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The struggle to find food and shelter after the 2004 tsunami in Sri lanka.

As the days progressed after the 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka people were trying to find loved ones that had been swept away and finding food supplies and shelter became paramount.

Sri Lanka's road networks can barely handle traffic in good times and after the 2004 tsunami getting supplies of fresh food, water and tents to survivors became one of the biggest challenges for government and aid agencies. 

The more fortunate survivors were provided with tents while the rest did the best they could taking refuge in makeshift shelters they put together from the tsunami debris or finding shelter in local churches. At Galle I found a brother and sister who survived the tsunami sheltering in a ramshackle structure they had put together with pieces of timber. The two siblings had not found any of their family members.

Tsunami survivors at Galle Sri Lanka 2004

In the village of Kalamulla some tsunami suvivors had homes that weathered the tsunami but barely livable while many others took refuge in the local church that had somehow been spared of damage. Humanitarian aid convoys from Colombo eventually made it through to these survivors with food and clothing.

Tsunami survivors Sri Lanka 2004

While in Pottuvil in eastern Sri Lanka I came across two women tsunami survivors openly sobbing outside their devastated house. Helpless to do anything all they could do was sit and wait for help to arrive. 

Tsunami survivors at Potuvil Sri Lanka 2004



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