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Sri Lanka wedding photographer John Wilson - Wilson Weddings Photography Sri Lanka wedding photographer John Wilson - Wilson Weddings Photography

Read about Sri Lanka as a destination wedding idea and destination wedding photography tips.

I would encourage you to take a look at Sri Lanka for a potential wedding destination if you are planning a wedding or elopement  internationally. Sri Lanka is rated as one of the best wedding ceremony locations in the world. The country can offer you all the romance and old world charms of the spice trade and colonial rule as well as trendy chic luxury and breathtaking scenery. Its great!


Sri lanka weddings

Destination Weddings | Sri Lanka has it all!!

wedding photography sri lanka



My first visit to Sri Lanka - a terrible introduction

It was the last days of 2004 when the world received the news of a terrible tsunami had wreaked havoc throughout Asia. I was wearing my other hat as a photojournalist at the time when some friends  in Sri Lanka rang to tell me about the scale of devastation. I spoke to my picture editor at News Ltd and I decided to get to Sri Lanka as soon as I could as this part of the story had pretty much gone unreported mainly because of the terrible damage to infrastructure along the coast. I had always wanted to visit this island nation famous for its rich tea plantations, spice trade and palm lined beaches but never had the opportunity. 

I arrived in the capital Colombo in the middle of the night to scenes of kaos at the international airport where crowds of people distraught and desperate to leave the devastation and teams of support personnel arriving to help with recovery. The next morning I ventured out south from Colombo on what was once a main arterial out of the city and was now a faint trail through the most incredible panorama of debris from buildings and houses as far as the eye could see. It was so surreal because the sun was shining and waves gently rolled in to the beach and hundreds of palm trees stood among the mountains of debris as if nothing had happened. There was not a house or building left untouched and many had just vanished altogether, swept away as the sea swallowed up kilometres of land. I ended up staying in Sri lanka for about a month and was so touched by the people and stories I reported on I vowed I would return.

Sri Lanla tsunami damage by John Wilson Photographer

Tsunami damage in Sri Lanka 2004 - Read my accounts of the tsunami in Sri Lanka in my Photojournalism blog HERE

Life after the Tsunami - Charm and beauty returns to Sri Lanka

Since those terrible days of the tsunami I've been back to Sri Lanka for weddings and other work and found some of the most wonderful destination weddings locations fully recovered. The capital Colombo, the south west coast and east coast offer travel experiences and accommodation for a variety of budgets. If you would like an Asian adventure for your destination wedding then Sri Lanka has a lot to offer. The rich culture has many similarities to India and its people are warm and charming. Be prepared for a journey of flavour also. Each region has its own take on traditional dishes and curries are the flavour of the day. The aromas of coconut, cinnamon and other spices wafting from roadside restaurants will alert your taste buds of a flavour feast to come. A favourite location of mine and a wonderfully romantic place for your wedding is the city of Galle on the south west coast. Galle has hotels to cater for most budgets and one of the more up market hotels, the Galle Fort Hotel, has previously been named as the top boutique hotel in the world. Another great hotel I’ve stayed in on a number of occasions is the Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel which is situated on a beach and headland on the northern approach to the city and can cater for the largest groups and has a magnificent setting. Their restaurant is situated on top of the headland and you can sit and have your meals while watching the surf role in below. Very romantic at night by candle light! The rooms in this hotel are fantastic with beautiful soft beds and luxurious bathrooms. I’ll talk some more about other hotels and locations in future posts. Some hotels in Sri Lanka offer all inclusive wedding packages which can be okay for your wedding ceremony and reception organization but this will generally only produce basic photography for your day. They will often offer photographs and a video from your ceremony but I have spoken with brides that have been disappointed with the quality so be warned but better still take a seasoned pro with you. You won'r regret it!

Sri Lanka hotels by John Wilson  Sri Lanka hotels by John Wilson

Jetwings Lighthouse Hotel at Galle, Sri lanka - personally recommended by John Wilson

Sri Lanka  destination wedding - Accommodation in Sri Lanka has a lot to offer bridal parties from old world charm of colonial days and spice trade to trendy boutique hotels.

The one small annoyance in Sri Lanka is its transport system. You absolutely have to have patience as the road system hasn’t kept up with growth and even on main arterials you can find yourself sharing the road way with trucks, pedestrians, mad motorcyclists, cyclists, cars, horse drawn carts, people drawn carts and believe it or not an occasional elephant. Its not a huge issue and its common in many Asian countries.Many travellers make use of professional drivers that will get you to your destination with a minimum of fuss. An interesting arrangement in Sri Lanka is that many hotels offer drivers free board when working with travellers which means your wedding guests can hire a driver for a few days to take them to your wedding and not have the concern or cost of finding somewhere for the driver to stay. Rental cars are readily available and companies such as Europcar and Malkey rent a car can offer good service with reliable vehicles.  I certainly wouldn’t let the road conditions deter you from having your wedding in Sri Lanka. Once you arrive at your location you can relax and enjoy the wonderful Sri Lankan hospitality, stunning scenery and wonderful flavours and aromas.

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Sri lanka wedding

Destination wedding photography Sri Lanka

wedding photographer sri lanka

Destination Wedding photos - You won'r be disappointed when you choose Sri Lanka to tie the knot.

How to get there.

Its easy to get to Sri Lanka and prices are good but shop around. Ive seen flights from Los Angeles to Colombo as low as $2000us return but average about $2500us, from Australia as low as $900 but average about $1300 and from UK as low as 538 GBP or $1000aud

You'll love it!!  Let me know if I can help you with some more information about Sri Lanka and watch for some more posts about specific regions and services. Better still book me for your destination wedding in Sri Lanka and lets tell a fantastic story together. You will get the best destination wedding photographer :)  

Sri Lanka Wedding Photography prices and packages

If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer for your Sri Lanka wedding I hope you will consider my services and experience. I know Sri Lanka so well it could be my second home and I guarrantee I can produce some special wedding photography for you. Make sure you get in touch so I can give you some current prices but generally my wedding packages for Sri lanka start at $3899 aud and prices are dependent on the season and location. My wedding photography packages offer options for unlimited wedding day coverage, world class individually designed and hand crafted wedding books, digital files, parent albums and personalized wedding apps to share your photos. I also have some video options available. I cater for couples from UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and US as well as many Asian clients.

Give me a call, drop me an email or send me a SKYPE message. I'd love to hear about your exciting plans and who knows maybe we will tell your wedding day story together.

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Here is some of my destination wedding photography to get the travel bug  happening!

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