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International Photographer

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John Wilson Photographer - Biography

John Wilson Photographer is a leading professional photographer and Australian Photojournalist

John brings 30 years of professional photography experience nationally and internationally in 40 countries to the projects he undertakes with clients. Commercial Photography, Aerial Photography, Video, News events for print and broadcast media are some of the services available from John Wilson Photography.

John Wilson Photography is available in the Wide bay from Hervey Bay and Sunshine Coast from Noosa Heads office.

CONTACT JOHN - TEL 0419716107

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Commercial Photography is my core business creating images for corporate clients, commercial real estate and architectural photography for building designers and interior designers. I'm also involved in the residential real estate industry offering high-end photography for luxury and designer homeowners and builders, kitchen manufacturers.

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Wedding Photography

I photograph weddings around the world and offer world-class award winning wedding photography.

News and Current Affairs coverage

Just to make life even more interesting I'm also a master news photojournalist and have worked extensively worldwide for the best part of 30 years covering breaking news stories in regions of conflict and humanitarian disasters for news organizations such as TIME magazine New York and a variety of print and TV news networks. If experience matters to you when hiring a photographer or videographer I can safely say there are few photographers in this country and region with my background. See some of my published work from around the world below.

I also offer live broadcast facility for breaking news, interviews and quick transfer of vision for non live simsat recordings in the SE Queensland region from Rockhampton south to the sunshine coast and west to Charleville. 

Want some more information about NEWS Production and LIVE Broadcasting for breaking news please visit my News Production page HERE

Review by Time Magazine

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Review by The Australian Newspaper


John Wilson Photographer on assignment around the world

John Wilson Photographer at work in the Middle East, Somalia and Southern Philippines

John Wilson photographer in Sudan

 On assignment in Southern Sudan

Australian cameraman John WilsonJohn Wilson photographer at work

At work for TV News coverage and transmitting images via satellite back to TIME Magazine New York while on assignment in East Timor.

Some of my Published work from around the world.



News production for Seven network Australia